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Mountain Flute Melodies
My debut CD is a solo flute recording based on the song given to me by each flute in Cedar or Black Walnut, my two favorite woods - $10 + $3 shipping

Touched by the Hawk
Was inspired from an actual "touch from a hawk" during a Birds of Prey presentation at Etowah Indian Festival in Cartersville, GA.  I was so moved by the experience, it brought about a whole CD of emotions - $15 + $3 shipping
Straight From My Heart
Some of the songs I composed were inspired by sounds of nature.  "We Walked the Trail Together" is dedicated to the people who walked the Cherokee Trail of Tears and the descendants of the survivors.  "Soul Mates" was co-written with my Soul Mate, my beautiful wife, Brenda - $15 + $3 shipping
Audio Samples
1.  Cry of the Wolf
2.  Those who Cried
3.  Soaring Eagle
4.  Amazing Grace
5.  Flight of the Red Tail Hawk
6.  Fly with Me
7.  Playing in the Wind
8.  Dance Around Dragonflies
9.  Fly Chickadee
10. Feeling Good
11. Why Did We Have to Go?
12. Taps

Audio Samples
1. I'd Give My Life for You
2. Just Listen
3. Dance with the Clouds
4. We Walked the Trail Together
5. Fast Waters
6. Song Birds
7. Straight From My Heart
8. Cherokee Beat
9. Lonesome Wind
10. Peace of Mind
11. Morning Rain
12. Soul Mates
13. Walk, Don't Run
14. My Beloved
Audio Samples
1. Spirits from the Past
2. Dawn of a New Day
3. Touched by the Hawk
4. Just Love it
5. A Mountain to Climb
6. Fly with the Eagle
7. Walk with me, Creator
8. Fly with the Dragonflies
9. Calling of the Birds
10. Echoes of Time
11. Can you Hear it?
12. Thank you, Creator
13. Grandfather Time
14. Lonesome Journey
Instructional DVD - Native American Flute Basics
Easy to follow instructions for the novice flute player - $15 + $3 shipping

The Journey
My newest CD release represents the blessings of the Journey of Life; a tribute to the life of my father, Wilburn, and the restoration and recovery from the April 27, 2011 tornado. $15 + $3 shipping
Audio Samples
1.  The Long Walk Home
2.  Peaceful Morning
3.  Sweet Spirit
4.  Dream Catcher
5.  Strong Heart
6.  Warrior's Spirit
7.  Native Love Song
8.  Calm Waters
9.  Dance Around the Fire
10. Native Blues
11. The Battle of the Elk
12. Whale Migration
13. The Hunt
14. The Journey