Let your Heart Speak through the sound of the Native American Flute
(Si yo)  Hello -

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Frank 'StandingEagle' Taylor.  I started making river cane flutes several years ago with my brother.  A little later I decided to start with cedar.  I now use other woods  - including some exotic woods.

Each flute is signed,numbered and has a certificate of authenticity.  A flute bag is included with each flute purchase.

I choose a totem that compliments the flute and finish the flute based on its woodgrain and personality.

The tune that you hear at the opening of the website is a melody I composed and is on my first CD.  It is being played on a Drone Flute I made key of high C.  The name of the song is "Those Who Cried".  It is dedicated to my Cherokee ancestors and all Native Americans who made the journey that truly was The Trail of Tears.
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